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Sustainability Efforts at HarbourFront Centre

Join us in making a difference and protect our environment by supporting these initiatives from HarbourFront Centre and its retailers.

HFC E-Waste Effort

HarbourFront Centre has an e-waste recycling corner at Level 1 Lobby B for shoppers to dispose their electronic waste responsibly.

Cold Storage, #01-48/59/50

Cold Storage has stopped providing straws since May 2019 and have encouraged customers to bring their own reusable containers and bags.

At various touchpoints across the store where plastic bags are given out to bag fresh products, Cold Storage has installed signs throughout the store to encourage customers to reduce their use of plastic bags. Additionally, the store will be implementing a minimum charge of 5 cents for each disposable carrier bag starting from 3rd July 2023, to promote the use of reusable bags.

DON DON DONKI, #03-23/38

DON DON DONKI supports National Environment Agency (NEA)’s say YES to Waste Less campaign. Plastic bags are charged at $0.10 per transaction since 1 November 2021.

Giordano, #02-76

To reduce the amount of plastic waste, Giordano charges customers 10 cents per bag for all purchases made at their stores. The move is designed to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags when shopping.

McDonald’s, #01-87/88/89

McDonald's has taken several sustainable initiatives to minimize their environmental impact, including introducing a condiments bar to reduce foil packaging and using recycled paper for napkins.

They also replaced plastic take-out bags with recyclable paper bags, phased out plastic and foam cups, and introduced strawless lids for all cold beverage paper cups.

Mothercare, #03-05/06/07

Mothercare is committed to pledging towards a zero-waste nation in plastic packaging reduction, incorporating sustainable packaging to bring-your-own-bag initiatives. Currently, efforts include charging for the use of paper bags ($0.20 each) and encouraging customers to donate used Mothercare fashion hangers for recycling efforts. Starting from 1 September 2022, a $0.20 charge will be imposed on the use of each plastic bag, motivating customers bring their own shopping bags.

Starbucks, #01-76/77

Starbucks is continually committed in making resource positive choices and reducing their environmental footprint through sustainable practices.

Customers are encouraged to bring their own tumbler and bag to reduce single-use disposables. Enjoy 50 cents off your favorite drink each time you bring your own tumbler.

Also, disposable paper bags will be charged at 10 cents per transaction. Join them in their mission to reduce carbon footprint starting with transitioning away from single-use disposables.

TRT, #02-103/106

TRT is mindful about sustainability across their designs, production, and operations. Their in-house design team is dedicated to reducing carbon footprint through a circular approach.

They work closely with their suppliers and manufacturers to provide transparent information to enhance this process. Additionally, they are passionate about promoting slow fashion as a lifestyle choice through their merchandising efforts.

When it comes to packaging, they use recycled paper for our hangtags and carrier bags to encourage recycling of the paper bags. Their commitment extends to their raw materials too. Their natural woven fabrics are durable, comfortable, promoting a greener fashion for our future.

Watsons, #01-56/57

Watsons Singapore introduced its Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) sustainability campaign since December 2020 with the aim of reducing plastic bags usage in its retail operations. During the BYOB days from Monday to Wednesday, plastic bags are charged at $0.10 for every transaction upon customers' request. 100% of the proceeds collected from the plastic bags charge are donated to support World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF-Singapore) conservation efforts, including critical projects related to reducing plastic in nature.
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