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Wanpo Tea Shop, #01-K8
Wanpo Tea Shop, formerly known as Wanpo Island Black Tea, began at a military base village in Taichung, Taiwan. It was a popular hangout spot where folks enjoyed their afternoon tea with a cup of aiyu lemonade. Now, Wanpo Tea Shop has expanded globally. Just like any bubble tea store, Wanpo Tea Shop has an assortment of flavours for you to choose from. Their menu features five categories: Pure Tea, Fruit Tea, Milk Tea, Seasonal, and Cheese. Most of the drinks come in two sizes—medium or large

If you are feeling spoiled for choice, we would recommend going for their bestselling seasonal item—Mango Pomelo Sago , Expect a fresh mango slushie, with heaps of sago topping, grapefruit pulp, taro balls, mango chunks, and milk. It is supposedly as good as the iconic mango pomelo sago dessert.

Alternatively, try Singapore’s first Custard Boba Milk Tea . The drink features streaks of custard cream around a cup filled with milk tea and handmade pearls. Another unique drink you should consider is the Mochi Soy Creme Tea Latte . The mochi is made to order, so it’s said to be soft and chewy when served.

For something more refreshing, check out the Aiyu Jelly Lemon Tea, or Kumquat Lemonade. The handmade Aiyu jelly is said to be a must-have item in Taiwan during the summer as it’s a great remedy for the humidity, so it promises to be a great treat in Singapore’s blazing heat.
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